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    QORA: One small block for man

    As far as adjectives to describe games go, ‘lovely’ doesn't often spring to mind. But Qora really is lovely, and about as pleasant a way to spend 90 minutes wandering a game world as you could hope to find.

    It’s a slightly odd proposition, probably most closely related to Proteus in both art style and the fact that your interactions with the world amount to little more than walking. This is slightly more overt in terms of your goal, but every bit as ethereal as its 3D cousin.

    You play a man really just a handful of white squares who’s just moved into a new town, and essentially all you do is potter from here to a mysterious temple nearby, and then continue venturing beyond. To say much more is to spoil the mystery: just don’t go in expecting anything loud or brash and you’ll be fine.

    Qora’s characters are imbued with surprising personality given their lo-fi appearance, and the dialogue is genuinely funny. Add in a soundtrack that epic poems could be written about, and this is definitely a walk to remember.

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