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    Project Morpheus

    Unfortunately, you can't get your hands on this yet, but if you’re anything like us, you probably really, really want one. With the development of Sony's Project Morpheus and the growing momentum of the Facebook owned Oculus Rift, it looks like VR and, more importantly from our perspective, VR gaming, is going to be a success. We've really hope that Project Morpheus and the PS4 can deliver on the promise that VR couldn't match in the Nineties due to technical limitations; if it does it's going to be awesome.

    CCP’s space dog fighter EVE Valkyrie is the only big title we know about that's definitely being developed for Project Morpheus, but we're certain Sony's got plenty more in the pipeline. It's not hard to imagine the potential of Project Morpheus from racers, to exploration games, to horror titles, there are loads of game worlds that we’d love to step into with Project Morpheus strapped on our noggins.

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