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    PlayStation TV

    It has been a rough start for this little device. Boasting some solid hardware and a few amazing games along the way, the PS Vita has been badly handled and overlooked for good reason by many gamers unwilling to pay for a console without a strong future. But it has recently been given a jolt of life thanks to some fresh new directions. It’s no secret that the PS Vita has been favouring indie titles, but recent releases like Minecraft, Child of Light, and Don't Starve start adding some really addictive and enjoyable gaming experiences to its library.

    Playstation 4 owners should be dusting off their PS Vitas at the moment, particularly considering that streaming technology has introduced a whole new side to this portable device. Gamers can now enjoy games like Destiny and The Last of Us easily across a WiFi network, enjoying the same experience from the bedroom or if the TV is taken up by other family members.

    PlayStation TV is also on the horizon too, and though some users are understandably confused as to what exactly its hook is, the idea of having a way to change from the lounge room to the bedroom TV by just powering up a small box and bringing your controller with you, does raise an eyebrow or two from the more hardcore geeks out there. Gamers can enjoy PS Vita and PSP titles using a PS4 controller and even delve back into some PS One classics as well, which does help pad out the features. PS Vita can be wirelessly streamed as well, giving you a way to get a full TV for your handheld when at home and like the Apple TV and Chromecast, this box has access to the PlayStation Store giving a reasonable selection of movies and TV Shows making it a bit more than a streaming receiver, but the item remains a little niche for those without multiple TVs and a PS4 to go
    with this product.

    Is this streaming technology getting you excited? Well, you may want to consider upgrading your wireless modem router now. Through a wired system is still the best option, high end AC wireless can be another idea giving you strong speeds and technologies like beamforming will give you a reliable connection, removing the need for cables.

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