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    GTA V: F.B.I Most Wanted

    These three are San Andreas’ most wanted criminals, especially after what we're going to make them do.

    PROFESSION: Former Con Man
    BEST TRAIT: His winning personality
    SPECIALITY: Shooting

    GTA V has plenty of larger than life personalities, but we always had a soft spot for Michael. He’s a middle-aged guy that tried his best to get out of the game after his last job went south. He’s trying to do right by his family, even if they area bunch of spoilt, whiney assholes. And, oh yeah, he’sa badass. Behind his relaxed demeanour is the mind of a criminal mastermind, one who quickly gets GTA V wild story put into motion.

    PROFESSION: Professional lunatic
    BEST TRAIT: He doesn't have any
    SPECIALITY: Rampages

    Trevor might just be the best game character. He’s crude, nasty, volatile, and we love him. Trevor clearly has some screws loose, but that doesn't make him any less fun to play. Not only is his dialogue sharp and snappy, but as one of the three playable characters, he’s also incredibly fun to just switch to in the world. He’s always getting into crazy situations, and we constantly find ourselves playing like a lunatic while taking control of Trevor.

    PROFESSION: Young gun
    BEST TRAIT: His go-getting attitude
    SPECIALITY: Driving

    A young up-start criminal, Franklin wants more for himself in Los Santos than the simple gang life that has befallen his friends. That’s when he runs into Michael,a surrogate dad type figure, who introduces him to the concept ofa better criminal life. Franklin might not be as immediately fun to play as the other two main characters, but he has some of the funniest never quotable in public dialogue in the game.

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