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    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Preview

    We'd imagine Many of you are shrugging your shoulders at the news that Final Fantasy Type-0 is getting an HD re-release on PS4 let us tell you why you shouldn't. Don’t get us wrong, in the wake of spruced up re-releases of high profile games like The Last of Us and Tomb Raider, that it may be difficult to muster much excitement for a relatively obscure Final Fantasy spin off is understandable. However, the fact is, Final Fantasy Type-0 was a well received Final Fantasy game when it came out on PSP in Japan, and that makes it worth some consideration.

    Given that Type-0 isn't a particularly well known entry in the series, let us prime you on what you can expect. Rather than the turn based battle systems of Final Fantasy of old, the game uses a real time system that’s closer to the likes of Final Fantasy XII and XIII.  In fact, while it is still an RPG, we’d argue that Type-0 leans a little more towards being action based than those comparisons, in Type-0 you take direct control of your chosen character (though you can switch to another character at any given time) with actions being matched to the face buttons and a lock on system used to direct your attacks.

    In terms of setting, Type-0 is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis offshoot, meaning it shares some crossover with Final Fantasy XIII.That doesn't mean that you need to play X III to get the most out of it it simply means that some of the mythology surrounding crystals and I’Cie will be familiar to those who’ve played that game. In fact, if there’s any game that reminds us of Type-0 in terms of setting and story, it’s not Final Fantasy XIII, but Final Fantasy VIII.While set against a background of war and political conflict, the game focuses on a group of what are effectively school children: Class Zero. Granted, they’re gifted, elite combatants being schooled in soldiery rather than more academic pursuits, but they are kids nonetheless. That set up reminds us of Final Fantasy VIII’s Balamb Garden Military Academy in which Squall, Zell and Selphie undergo training to become members of the elite group SeeD at the beginning of the game. We’re not quite sure why that set up of a band of school kids fighting against the odds seems so intrinsically linked with the JRPG from Type-0, to FF VIII, to the Persona games nor why it is appealing, but it sure as hell is.
    As an HD remake of a game that we already know went down well with fans, Type-0 is probably going to be a pretty safe bet when it makes its way to PS4 next year. Nevertheless, we do wonder if it might struggle. A touched-up version of a PSP game probably isn't going to light a fire under any but the most hardcore of Final Fantasy fans and we’re not sure that there are as many of those as there used to be. If you are one of those hardcore fans, though, and you happened to miss out on Type-0 on account of it only coming out in Japan, then this HD remake will provide an excellent opportunity to fill that gap in your collection.

    For those not quite convinced, Square Enix's announcement that those who buy Type-0 will get access to Final Fantasy XV’s first demo might just tip the balance (that better apply in Europe, Square, or we’ll shake our fists angrily in your direction). Granted, it’s a bit unfair to relegate Type-0 to the position of being a means to get our hands on Final Fantasy XV, but you can’t deny that it makes it tempting.

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