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    Cronos MAX: Use any controller on your PS4

    Sony didn't make any friends when it first announced that PS3 accessories wouldn't be compatible with PS4 despite both consoles using USB input devices as standard. But all is not lost for your fancy PS3 steering wheel or your trusty arcade stick amazing little USB adapters like the Titan One and CronusMax (pictured) allow use of pretty much any recent controller on any modern console. PS4 use is a little more fiddly and requires a PC or laptop, but that’s a small price to pay to save forking out for expensive peripherals all over again. That’s not nearly all these USB wonders can do either, as you can see below...

    It's plug and play with PS3, but PS4 support is a little trickier you'll need to run your desired controller through a PC or laptop running the GTuner software (get it from www.controllermax.com), and have a DualShock 4 plugged into the dongle at all times to authenticate the new controller.

    Connect your CronusMax to a PC and you’re able to set it up with all kinds of controller preset packages that are user-made and easily downloaded from the free GTuner app. This extends far beyond the configuration screens in games themselves, allowing for things like mapping tilt control to analog sticks (and vice versa) or allowing D-pad use instead of the left stick. It’s crazy useful.

    Why spend £100+ on a modded controller with autofire and all that when this thing does a lot more for less? Existing packs offer things like recoil removal on a per-gun basis in FPS games (basically programming the right stick to pull the sights back to their original location after each shot) or one-button combos for fighting games, plus there are even more elaborate macros for laborious tasks like MMO gathering.

    If you just can’t give up on playing Minecraft the way you played it on PC in its early days, don’t worry, it’s not just things like sticks and wheels that can be made to work on PS4 (or indeed any console), you can even take your gaming mouse-and keyboard from PC to console thanks to this device. As with other controllers, you'll need to run it through a PC for this, but the official forum is pretty helpful if you get lost.

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