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    Civilization: Beyond Earth, TIPS

    Civilization Beyond Earth When life gives you space worms, make spaghetti
    1) Don’t fight the worms! Seriously, though. You could be 300 turns in and still come a cropper of these burrowing nuisances. Annoy one and it’ll only come down harder on your cities, and that, good sir/madam, is not what you want. Ever.

    2) Have a long hard look at the tech tree while zoomed in and keep an eye out for the particular affinity icon that you’d like to accrue. Each has its own particular resource, so make sure you build outposts near these nodes in the overworld map.

    3) Pick your battles carefully and be sure to keep an eye on an escape route should things get really hairy. If your units are on the back foot they could easily lose their last sliver of health in a Miasma cloud.

    4) Plan ahead when building outposts. Spray down Miasma busting orbital buffs and build roads to where you plan to place them. This latter tactic will speed up the time it takes an Outpost to evolve into a city.

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