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    Super Time Force Review

    Slipping through time
    Side-scrolling shooter video games have probably been around for just as long as the first computers have. Many a weekend has been spent huddled around the PC screen, each one strategizing how they would approach the 8-bit situation should their friend fail. Super Time Force aims to bring the 8-bit battles back to life, but it has a bit of a twist in the gameplay. Most of the Side-scrolling shooter games from years gone by relied heavily on two-player interactions, like Contra or Golden Axe, but Super Time Force will let gamers play as three characters at once.

    After some bad things happen in the present world, the Super Time Force, a time-traveling military organization, gets sent to different time periods across the world by Colonel Repeatski, in order to make sure that bad things don’t happen.

    Taking control of one character, players will be able to pause time and bring in another character. Then instead of having to control two different characters, the two characters then combine into one. It does get a bit confusing, but players can have up to three characters combined into a single unit.

    Since each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, combining them all into a single unit will give gamers access to all the characters’ abilities. The game is really addictive, but can be hugely frustrating at times, as some of the level as time-based, and it just seems impossible to get through them.

    But that is the nature of 8-bit games they were notoriously difficult. If you are looking for some 8-bit fun with a serious sense of humour, definitely go grab this one.

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