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    Samsung Gear VR

    Oculus has split its development efforts into two branches. Not only is it working on a PC-based consumer headset, but the company has teamed up with Samsung to make mobile virtual  reality  possible.

    The Samsung Gear VR will be released in an “innovator edition” this fall as a companion device for the Note 4 Android phone. All you need do is plugthe phone in and place the cover on the head mounted display.

    Using the device is simple, with a touch-sensitive pad on the right temple with a back button above it. Targeting in the Oculus Home menu is handled with head positioning, and a tap of the touchpad moves forward.

    A number of video, media, and game applications are available for the Gear VR. Video options are offered in either virtual cinema or 360-degree offerings (like the Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot demo). Music options include Harmonix VR, an interactive visualizer that offers scene-based options activated by focusing on objects in the environment. Games run the gamut from third-person action to atmospheric puzzle to the (slightly nauseating) first person version of Temple Run.

    Because Gear VR doesn’t yet offer six degrees of freedom (you can’t lean into a scene), it’s currently best for media consumption. It does have a visual passthrough (activated by holding the back button) so you can check in on the world around you.

    Gear VR also offers direct sound from the Note 4.Mobile VR is going to be a reality soon. Expect to start seeing them in the next few months.

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