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    Quick Review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Angry boys with robot toys, IN SPACE!

    By the time a player finishes the six Official Timeline anime story modes in Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn , they will bea professional robot killer. While it’s not clear what the “Reborn” part stands for, what is here cuts straight to the point: slice/shoot through an entire television series’ worth of Gundam story or mix and match in Ultimate mode while wrecking tens of thousands of mobile suits .

    Absolutely nothing is original, but it’s put together with a lack of fluff that speaks to meat and potatoes gaming. Mobile suits enjoy crisp control with a good balance between melee combos and super attacks. On the downside, many pilots and suits are redundant while other Warriors games have strived to eliminate clones, it seems that wasn't in the budget for Reborn. As well, battle objectives are sometimes confusing until you’ve played a map a couple of times. This may result ina mission fail when a critical NPC runs off to get themselves killed.

    Even so the core gameplay loop is addicting with a ton of unlocks and much robot customisation to be had. While a fully satisfying amount of content is found in the base game, be advised that some of the most popular mobile suits in the Gundammeta verse are found behind several DLC expansion mission packs.
     If you know nothing about the long running robots in space series Gundam, this game acts as a quick primer by letting you play through abridged versions of the entire plot. Even for non Gundam fans, there’s a lot of well designed content here at a budget price.

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