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    PROJECT CARS: Straight-faced sim still has vroom for improvement

    As much as we want to fill this space with motoring puns, it’s a tired football cliché that best befits crowdfunded racing sim Project CARS: a game of two halves. First and foremost it’s a PC simulation for serious racers with expensive force feedback steering wheels, multi-monitor displays and vast reserves of patience.

    but it’s also a console racing game which places Gran Turismo and Forza firmly in its sights. can one entity really bridge the gap between these two very different gamers, one sitting in a bucket seat and the other reclining with a controller in hand? maybe, but Project cArS isn’t that game. On the Pc side it’s excellent: graphics are pin-sharp and support resolutions of up to 12K(!). The latest update to the pre-release build made major changes to the handling model and it’s all the better for it. With over 70
    cars so far and 80+ tracks planned, there’s years of content for serious sim racers ahead.

    PS flaw

    On console? Same game, poorer graphics. A big problem for several reasons: you’re probably driving with a pad on this format, so with less means of appreciating the fantastic handling you need something more to keep you entertained. And as yet, there isn’t. With washed-out visuals and a physics model not particularly suited to pad control, it feels notably inferior. Stick to the full-fat version and you’re onto a winner.

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