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    I’ve picked this before. It’s boring really. It must bore Luke every time I yell “HELLO SNAKE!” at him in the offi ce, or every time I growl “Kaz…” when the lovely HR lady brings me my pay slip (she’s called Caroline), or every time I point at people like Revolver Ocelot and whisper “you’re pretty good…”. I’m winding myself up just writing about it I’ve gotten out of hand, truth be told but I simply live and breathe this franchise.

    Ground Zeroes was genuinely brilliant too short, my arse and every tiny gameplay clip that appears of The Phantom Pain is making the wait so much worse. The box stuff at Gamescom was strange but fun, but it was the trailer that was leaked just prior to E3 that made me insanely excited. It’s all gonna kick off. Why was Big Boss in a jeep with Skull Face? That’s what it looked like anyhow. Also, that’s a bloody Metal Gear in the background at the end is that the Metal Gear that Big Boss gets his hands on and takes to Outer Heaven?! If it isn’t, there’ll be tears.

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