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    Yes, this is seriously a thing. If you tend to  keep  your head firmly planted in the comings and goings of Xbox you might have missed the Goat Simulator phenomenon that swept over the PC verse across 2014. It’s an  odd  property, make no mistake about that, as the game puts you in control of a rogue goat hell bent on causing trouble in small town America. Goat Simulator is so indecently strange that you need to see it in action to really appreciate it, but take our word for it: when it lands in 2015  it’ll  be  one of the most crazy fun games you play all year.

    It’s not exactly  a  tactical game, ora game that will test your skill, but it’s certainly something  that will give a few laughs if you’re in the mood for something  silly.  The  physics are broken and it's teeming with glitches, but that’s somehow  all  part  of  its crazy charm. You’ll sling your goat into everything possible just to see the result, and you'll heartily laugh about it as you shout “Xbox, record that.”

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