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    As great as the last 11 months of Xbox One have been,it’s felt like we’ve been without a true indie hit. The digital game that masks the transition between night and day, the game that creates the insatiable urge to ignore the triple-A hitters and chase leaderboard positions. Basically: where in the hell is Geometry Wars? Activision understands this aching in our hearts and has put Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions in front of our barely recovered thumbs.

    GW3 seems primed to be as addictive as ever, even as it enters the third dimension. The 50-stage campaign, and four-player co-operative mode, sees levels warp across various 3D objects that can be circumnavigated, increasing the challenge and ensuring that chaos is coming at you from literally every angle imaginable. It’s as hectic and stressful as ever, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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