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    Far Cry 4: Greetings from fabulous Kyrat! Preview

    I hadn't been in the fictional Himalayan region of Kyrat for 10 seconds before I jumped off a mountain. It was all part of my cunning plan to infiltrate a militia encampment that was tucked away in some ancient ruins that nestled in the bosom of a particularly frosty peak two kilometres below me. Luckily I had a wingsuit, which meant that traversing the lofty expanse that lay beneath me was quick and (more importantly) exciting. As graceful as my leap and glide through the air was, my landing was less so as I smacked into the side of the snowy ruins and found myself face-to-face with a particularly startled mountain yak.

    “Don’t get too close to him!” level design director Matt West cautioned me as the yak proceeded to try and head butt me off  the mountainside. I scuttled away just in time, barely managing to subdue an itchy trigger finger. That was probably for the best as the area was crawling with enemies, and this wasa mission with a decided emphasis on stealth. To the left of me, some ropes had been pegged into the side of a cliff face a contextual prompt to use the new grappling hook and rope climbing mechanic. I reached the top of the cliff and began spotting and tagging enemies with protagonist Ajay’s camera.
    “…soon I was trying to dodge cliff faces, rockets, helicopters and a mountain of falling snow.”

    Two seconds later, a snow leopard came dangerously close to biting my throat out. Stealth went out the window as I emptied clips into the vicious kitty. With death kitten expunged from the mountain tops (and its skin taken for later crafting purposes) I proceeded to dodge the millions of bullets that were attempting to get close and personal with my cranium. My tussle with the snow leopard had alerted the camp, and now I had a gunfight on my hands.

    “Open the weapon wheel and use the meat,” West advised me. Of course, why hadn't I thought to use the meat ? Meat, you see, is a new means of attracting blood-thirsty beasties to your location, and with the mood already heightened by lots of bullets whizzing through the air, inviting some fauna based allies to the fray was probably a good idea. It worked beautifully. A bear arrived and proceeded to cause enough of a distraction for me to slip past the guards and throw a knife into the back of my target. I had to use a knife to “senda message”.

    All that was left was to photograph the corpse for proof and then make my hasty escape by flinging myself off  another mountain. By that stage people were rather angry with me, and as I whizzed my way through the air (wingsuit!), rockets flew towards me and helicopters gave chase. With the rocket explosions came an avalanche, and soon I was trying to dodge cliff faces, more rockets, helicopters and a mountain of falling snow. It was all suitably high octane, over the top stuff, which for a Far Cry game is pretty much all you need.

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