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    We can’t help but feel that Unitymight be something of a step backwards after the cutstanding seafaring action of Black Flag, but perhaps that’s not entirely a bad thing. Roguestill exists to scratch that particular itch, after all (as does Black Flag hot damn, that game is HUGE) and it’s not like ACIIwas a bad game. Until Black Flagcame along, it was the best in the series, so it’ll actually be interesting to see if Ubisoft can still deliver a compelling open-world experience without something like the sailing gimmick to fall back on.

    It has certainly nailed the fi rst step and all you have to do is sit the game’s map of Paris alongside an actual historical one to see just how much authenticity is key here. From central landmarks (with one towering metal exception) to outlying boroughs, it all looks to be present and correct, just ready for you to parkour over or spill blood onto. The setting is pretty awesome too, among the most tumultuous European periods and with loads of well-known facts and events to riff on and plenty of mysteries for Ubisoft to pin on its hooded heroes.

    Yes, that’s heroes, plural Assassin’s Creed is going co-op for the fi rst time, allowing up to four friends to team up to complete contracts together. It’s perhaps not the most obvious inclusion in a game that is already arguably too easy, but we’ll never turn down the opportunity to play together with friends. Presumably, the series’ inexplicably popular competitive multiplayer modes will make it over too, as well as those horrible modern day sections. We’d love to live in a world where that shit could just be wiped out entirely, but Ubisoft still seems to be under the impression that those bits are good or something. News flash, guys: ils sont ennuyeux.

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